UNATTAINABLE Concept Store (2023)

Immersive installation, 5.5mx3.5m;
Hard-crack candy sneakers, on custom plinths with nail art detailing, UV lighting, dyed latex on mdf, water, looped video, and branding and social media campaign. Our Neon Foe, October 2023.

Photos by Olga Svyatova
Unattainable is a concept sneaker store, marrying principles of ornamental Chinese gardens with the aesthetic of a set of acrylic nails worn by the artist earlier this year. This retail fantasy promotes pure desire in a candy-coloured saturation of crystalline fluid forms. The impossible-to-wear sugar shoes are the epitome of superfluous luxury lacquered with sickening taste.

Photos by Olga Svyatova

Photos by Olga Svyatova and Daniel Valero