Honey Bunny (2023)

Paper mache, fishxnets, red chinese lanterns. Installation at the Red Rattler Theatre, Marrickville, Australia. Commission by Worship Queer Collective. 2023.

Photos by Kit Bylett and
Worship Queer Collective

Eight celestial bodies are suspended in the roof space, hovering over the crowd. These Illuminated dancing lanterns express the intersection of queer and sex-positive party culture, and folklore about the rabbit that lives on the moon, drawn from northern Asian traditions.

With a nod (and a f* you) to the male-gaze that fantasises the female body as foxy, a sex kitten, a playboy bunny, this installation celebrates divine feminine energy emanating from community - not for anyone - but because of everyone.

These legs are ears, and have you heard, these moon-gaits to heaven are pretty hot.