Second Guest Wellness (2022)

Immersive installation, 4x6m; inc. 7min video, various object works by each artist, interactive performances, and e-commerce platform. Project Space at Cement Fondu, Sydney, alongside Soul Seeker, by Min Wong and Shana Moulton. Aug/Sept 2022.

Photo by Maria Boyadgis
Second Guest is a wellness destination. Hold out your hand and let us present you with a touch from the past. In health, and in hope, we offer counter-alternative remedies informed by our practitioners’ Chinese, Iraqi-Jewish, and Indian-Romanian roots. Our service is known to gently caress your ailments, awaken your sense of self, and align you with your inner garnish.

Be welled into a new existence.

For a limited time at Second Guest Wellness, we offer you six hands for the price of five*. Our most coveted treatments include basti oil portals, indigo inkjection therapy, and remedial recitals of intricate CureJourney© for those plagued by modern-body.

Relax, and invite your body to ask the questions. Our famalien hands will guide you towards the exquisite nectar of you.

Second Guest Wellness was a clinic and shop complete with a waiting room, brochures, an infomercial, products to purchase, and appointment sessions with the artists as your personal wellness practitioners. The products on offer to purchase and experience in this show beared resemblance to practices that have fortuitously trickled down through the artists families. Hosting a flavour that is surreal and dream-like, but ultimately enlightening, the show shared the artists’ interpretation of long-forgotten and obscure practices in Ayurvedic tradition, Daoist folklore and Iraqi mysticism. Branded in “otherness”, they revel in the ambiguous backstory of treatments presented within mainstream western culture. With a playful overtone and subversive undertone, the installation invited visitors to entertain the wild and wacky world of their ancestors.

As part of their Project Space exhibition at Cement Fondu, Monica Rani Rudhar, Kit Bylett & Rachel Levine offered CureJourney© treatment sessions informed by the artists’ Chinese, Iraqi-Jewish and Indian-Romanian root. This was a participatory performance that engaged members of the audience as patients in a series of wellness experiences that are the amalgamation of the artists’ cultural soup.

Photo by Jessica Maurer

Photo by Jacquie Manning

Photos by Maria Boyadgis

Photo by Maria Boyadgis

Photo by Maria Boyadgis

Photo by the artists