Organza (2023)

Textiles and thread, glass beads weights, branded tags. Various sizes.
Shown at Cut and Polish artist market, and group show, Their Day, with Kaleidoscope Collective, 107 Projects, Redfern. 2023.

…of meat-weight; something between hand, heart, spleen, and genital.

Organza is a retail offering of the artist’s body parts as emotional-support objects. The soft textiles bear meat-weight, like an organ in the hand. This collection embodies the five vital organs of Traditional Chinese Medicine (liver, heart, spleen, kidney, lungs) and their corresponding emotions.

This meaty bouquet is a heartfelt offering from my body to your hand. Who in your life could do with a Care LiverTM?

liver - CARE
heart - LOVE
lungs - SORROW
spleen - DESIRE
kidney - HOPE